The North Provincial Campaigners


A band of misfits and cast offs that were no longer appreciated by their comrades. So under the banner of Lithgow this motley crew left Fallcrest for the isolated village of Winterhaven and hung out a shingle going into business for themselves. These swords for hire soon earned a name for themselves as both a force for good and the harbingers of peril.


Charter Members

High Commander Lithgow – The “legendary” commander of the NPC’s. This “man” has lead his crusade for peace and “justice” throughout the Vale for over 50 years. It is rumored that Lithgow is in fact a Deva reborn each generation to lead this band of “heroes.”

Maque the Knife – A hapless Halfling thief that is consumed with accumulating loot, even from his fellows at times.

Elrick The Orange – A former apprentice to Nimozaran the Green, Septarch of Fallcrest. Despite this set back he is undaunted in fully earning his title among the Septarchs as the Orange.

Associate members

Aurim Mithrilveins – A hard headed and aggressive battlerager that is no longer welcome home in Hammerfast.

The North Provincial Campaigners

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