Races of the Vale

Deva (Extremely Rare) – Immortal servants of the Gods, sent to the mortal plane and given flesh. Destined to be reborn over a thousand lifetimes to uphold the principles of righteousness and justice.

Dragonborn (Uncommon) – Descended from dragons, heirs to a lost Empire with only their honor and pride left to cling to.

Dwarf (Common) – Stout, dauntless warriors and craftsmen born of stone and dedicated to Moradin.

Eladrin (Rare) – Immortal and eldritch denizens of the Feywild, they have isolated themselves from the world during the twilight of their race.

Elves (Uncommon) – Cousins to the Eladrin, these passionate and deadly defenders of the wilderness are more at home in the forests of the natural world than that of the Feywild.

Gnome (Rare) – Small and elusive natives to the Feywild they are the more worldly allies of the Eladrin and are known for their inventiveness.

Goliath (Rare) – Fiercely competitive half-giant nomads who are are as hard as the granite that makes up their mountain homes.

Half Elves (Rare) – When human and elf mix, heartache is soon to follow. This is even more true when the pairing is between a Human and an Eladrin. These Fey-touched fight a losing battle against the ticking time bombs within their own minds.

Half-Orc (Rare) – The oft hated misbegotten offspring of the Bloodspear war these aggressive and tenacious survivors strive to find their place in societies that don’t want them.

Halflings (Common) – These small, quick and resourceful wanderers band together in extended families of Clans. In the Nentir Vale the three major Clans are the Halfmoon, the Swiftwater and the Sandybanks.

Human (Common) – Ambitious and resourceful, Humans make up the majority of folk in the Vale, scraping out an existence as best they can after the fall of the Empire of Nerath.

Shifter (Rare) – Part man, part beast, these lycan hunters band together in tribes on the fringes of more civilized folk.

Tieflings (Uncommon) – Infernal descendants of Humans and devils. Tieflings live a life or persecution and marginalization, mostly of their own doing.

(All other races are rare)

Races of the Vale

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