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The Nentir Vale Chronicles is where you can come and leave your mark on the world. Whether it is taking on the role of a heroic character as you adventure through the vale or simply as a writer looking for a creative outlet, this wiki is for you. I hope to be able to have enough here soon that everyone can find something they are interested in writing about or exploring in game. For players I hope to make this a resource where they can read up on locals, people of interest and a record of their achievements. For writers I hope to make this a place where we can all work together to create a rich and complex setting on the framework that we were given. If you have any questions feel free to leave me a msg.

The Nentir Vale

Games in the Vale

Check here for current, past and upcoming games.

House Rules

New rules for use out in the Vale.

Races of the Vale

Brief descriptions of the ethnicity and races of the Vale, their commonality and any changes from the core rules.

Adventuring Companies

A list of the chartered companies under arms in the Vale.


Whether you are just looking to navigate your way through the Vale or looking for for someone in particular this is the place to start.

Home Page

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