Halflings, also known as Hobbits, have always been known as wandering nomads. Setting up communities on the periphery of the settlements of the other civilized races. These communities would tend to settle along rivers and other bodies of water. Soon these settlements would grow into extended families of Clans. Over the generations these Clans would develop distinct characteristics that would leave them each markedly unique. In the Nentir Vale there are three major Clans; the Halfmoon, Swiftwater and Sandybanks.

The Clans


The Halfmoon Clan is the largest and most established Clan in the Vale. Unlike many Halflings, the Halfmoon are much more sedentary and settled the Moon Hills along side their Human allies early on. They are generally well liked, amiable and lauded as Hairfoots with a smaller portion of bearded craftsman Stouts led by the Osterman family. The majority of the Clan lives in or around the city of Fallcrest. There they have established communal farms, townships and merchant houses. The Halfmoons are placed highly within the Human, Halfling and Dwarven politics in the Vale, and it is the Halfmoons that are most likely to call and host a Clan Moot.


Few Halflings live up to their Clan name as much as the Swiftwater do. Wanderers, wayfarers and nomads have all been used to describe these Tallfellows. They seem to have an inborn aversion to stillness and are always on the move, even while sitting still. This wanderlust leads the Swiftwater Clan to take to careers in trade, shipping, messengers and wilderness guides. They do most of their trade by boat and work along the waterways of the Vale, with a few that make their way overland through the Vale’s forests and grasslands by horseback.


With the Halfmoons well liked and the Swiftwater looked up to, purposely punned again, the Sandybanks fill the less savory gulf left by the other two major Clans. Often reviled as gypsies, vagabonds and tinkers the Sandybanks take it all in stride. While these lean, athletic and graceful Hobbits are often insulted for being quite un-Halfling like, they agree. They rebuke the Halfling title as something the other civilized races, especially Humans, labeled them with and prefer the term Hobbit. They even embrace the Hobbit insult of Lightfoot as a compliment. Settled along backwater and secluded sites along rivers and foothills, or more recently in the slums and back alleys of cities.

Halfling Lexicon

Hairfoot – Hairfoot or Harfoot is a term used by Halflings as a compliment to denote a good-natured, affable homebody. In short, pun fully intended, it is the epitome of what a Halfling should be.

Lightfoot – A rather ambitious and oppurtunistic Halfling. Often used as an insult for a neredowell.

Tallfellow – Used to describe a Halfling of surprising height. A good 4-6 inches taller on average with usually lighter hair and skin. Also called Fallohides.

Stout – Also known as a Stoor, it is often used to describe Halflings who are broader and shorter than most and/or tend to grow facial hair.

Culture Mechanics

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