Tiefling Bard


18 years ago, north of Wintervale, a great other-worldly battle occurred. It was said that Archons and Devils had a fierce battle. No one knows for certain what happened, but what was left behind was a huge crack in the scow covered landscape that seemed to radiate heat. A warm zone in such a cold climate attracted villagers from Winterhaven who settled in the aptly named “Snowscar”.

A middle aged couple who never bore children were out for their nightly stroll. In the middle of the Snowscar, they found an infant baby girl. This girl had tiny nubs on her forehead and a little pointy tail. The couple could not leave such a young girl in the wild and took her in.

The village of Snowscar only had about 100 inhabitants, and every one of them came to know little Umbriel as she grew up. She was mostly a loner, but had a knack for playing instruments and learning poetry. Her adopted family had raised her to become a kind and merciful young girl. She would nurse birds with broken wings back to health so they could fly again. However, there were not many children in the village that would play with her, and she always seemed melancholy and withdrawn. She would practice her lute and singing to pass the time. One striking feature she had was a powerful and booming voice. She could sing in perfect soothing harmony one moment, and scare you with an otherworldy scream the next moment.

The village of Snowscar had accepted Umbriel, but adolescence was a troubling time for her. Her foster mother had died, seemingly of natural causes. Her skin started taking a more reddish hue, and her horns began to protrude more and more. She was prone to bouts of rage, much like a regular teenager, except her bouts of rage led to accidental burnings of buildings and people getting hurt.

These bout of extreme rage felt absolutely blissful to Umbriel, but when they ended, she would come to realize that she would have to control her fiery temper. The damage she would cause was too great. The temptation of blissful rage has been something that Umbriel has tried not to give in to, though sometimes it takes over. Her infernal genes react to the presence of blood, fire and rage in disturbing ways. Her nature is to heal and help others, but in the presence of violence, she has learned to focus her rage into a weapon to help those in need – more specifically – to watch wrong-doers die and burn.

Recently she has been plagued by horrible and hellish nightmares. The visions are of destruction and murder and the same demonic figure is always causing it. This figure is her Devil Lord father, and she knows it. An especially vivid nightmare involved her and her few friends delving into Hell and facing off against her fiendish father pushed her over the edge. She had to leave Snowscar before she brought destruction upon it. Perhaps she could scrounge money as a performer, while hiding her heritage? Maybe some of her friends in Falkrest had some adventures in mind. Someday, Umbriel wants to show the world that her actions define her, not her infernal blood.

Little does she know that she is destined for great… and tragic things.


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