Half Elves


Ever since Humanity and Elven kind first came into contact with each other, the inevitable conclusion was attraction. The immortal perfect beauty of the Elves and the mortal passionate ambition of Humans brought upon the world a new breed that combined the best elements of its parentage. Half-Elves of any stride are known for being charismatic, charming and quirky. This is due to the unique empathic ability intrinsic to Half-Elves. This ability lends them the ability to model others behavior (As seen in their Dilettante racial trait), to be shrewd negotiators and commanding leaders. Ultimately, half-elves are survivors, able to adapt to almost any situation. They are generally well liked and admired by everyone, not just elves and humans. They are empathetic, better at putting themselves in others’ shoes than most.

However, there is a dark side to their gift. The latent empathic power within them is difficult to control at the best of times, at the worst of times they invade the minds of others in the worst and most intimate of violations. This is just as unsettling for the Half-Elf as it is for the victim. Over the years, quirks turn to psychoses that over take the Half-Elf and drive them into madness. This Fey-touched affliction is most common in pairings with Eladrin because of their close association with the Feywild. The problem is so common that the Eladrin have coined the term Errant to describe the condition, and all Half-Elves in general. The prejudice is so extreme that the more militant among the Eladrin have taken to hunting and eliminating Errants wherever they find them.

Hal-Elf Varieties


Half-Elves are the most common variety of Half-Elf for several reasons. One, the Elves live mostly among the material world as opposed to their Feywild or Underdark kin in close proximity to Humanity. Second, this close connection to the prime-material plane leads to a much more stable variety of Half-Elf and lessens the tendency of Fey-touched.


Half-Eladrin are the least numerous of the Half-Elven sub-types. This is due to the fact that nearly all Half-Eladrin become Errants in the long run. This prejudice then combined with the Errant purge carried out by some Eladrin results in all but a few growing up to maturity. Those few that are secreted away or lucky enough to grow up with great resources and patient care can seek to overcome their condition either through meditation, mystical tattoos or arcane ritual.


To the majority of the world the fact that Half-Drow exist is only theoretical. Unfortunately, the truth is that these poor souls do exist and walk among us. Bred through conquest or slavery, Half-Drow are forced to endure horrendous mental anguish and torture in the guise of “training.” These Half-Elves are trained to become the eyes and ears of the Drow in the surface world. These spies, assassins and infiltrators search out communities ripe for raiding. It is also worth noting that the Drow actively embrace their Errants, seeing their empathic invasions as a blessing from Lolth.

Half-Elf Lexicon

Errant – A Half-Elf that has lost control of its mind and empathic powers, usually with disastrous results. A term used by the Eladrin to refer to all types of Half-Elves in a derogatory manner.

Fey-touched – Another term for an Errant. It describes the the effect that the Fey origin has upon humanity. It is considered a more benign term as it generally denotes eccentricity than derangement.

Half-Elf Rules

Dual Heritage – This racial trait now asks you to select which type of Half-Elf at character generation; Eladrin, Elf or Drow. You may now select feats that have the prerequisites for Human, Half-Elf and the Elven race you chose.

Dilettante – Half-Eladrin and Half-Drow can use this racial trait to select one of the parent racial encounter powers.

New Feats

Fey Touched Errant – [Half-Elf]

Prerequisits: All Half-Eladrin receive this feat for free. Also optional for Half-Elf and Elf-Drow

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls with Psionic and Psychic keywords. However you also suffer a -2 to all defenses and +2 damage to all attacks with the Psionic and Psychic keywords.

Half Elves

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