Lithgow, High Commander of the Northern Provincial Campaigners


Variable – Though loaded to bear with resistances


The legacy behind Lithgow is one shrouded both in shame and in glory. Stories of Lithgow’s campaigns have spread throughout the northern lands mostly with fearless devotion to justice being the calling card. Even the gender of Lithgow has been called into question through their apparent ‘resurrections’ while in the line of duty. However, the blessing and the curse of the Deva is that, until they achieve something truly heroic, they will be forced to fall into grave danger time and time again.

The catch, however, is that Lithgow is typically quite lazy. Which is what makes Lithgow’s ‘curse’ all the worse. It uses it’s charisma to assemble a group of justice minded individuals, but by the time they find something, the conscripts discover the true character of Lithgow and if he doesn’t get himself killed by hiding in the back, he’s usually betrayed by his group before the end of the first serious campaign. To date, Lithgow has been seen in no less than 7 different areas over the past 50 years, and each time the name is heralded as a champion who ‘fell in the line of duty’. That is, until Lithgow is reborn, and tries to retake the mantle as the leader of the N.P.C.’s


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