The Nentir Vale Chronicles

Poisoned Shadows

Stalking Shadows in the Sewers

Players may feel free to comment or edit this entry with more details.

When and Where: DunDraCon 2010 open gaming for 14 hours.

Based on the 8th level adventure “Poisoned Shadows” from Dungeon Delve.

Adventuring Company: The North Provincial Campaigners (NPCs)

Heroes: (Need some names and brief descriptions)
  • High Commander Lithgow (Xeno)
  • Maque the Knife (Booda)
  • The Winter Knight: Dragonborn Paladin of the Raven Queen (Kirin)
  • A Shifter Druid (Mer/Little John/Mer/Xavier)
  • Aurim Mithrilveins (Luthien)
  • Uthendarian (Adnate)



Fleeting Shadows: Urban Chase skill challenge – Wherein our heroes pursue an assassin through a busy city.

Basement of the Curio Shop: Wherein our heroes discover the entrance to the Poisoned Shadows hideout.

Shadowed Stalkers: Wherein one of our heroes nearly meets his end and the others are beset by a pair of invisible threats.

Into the Sewers: _Wherein our heroes see through Maiko’s deception, Fatale is convinced to return to the Raven Queens service, a hero returns and they learn firsthand the horrors of a gelatinous cube. _

Nightshade’s Lair: Wherein our heroes stealthily dispatch Nightshade’s drakes before finally confronting the Mistress of the Poisoned Shadows.

Nightshade is sack beaten by multiple status effects.


Fatale: Shadar-Kai Witch. Estranged from the Raven Queen, now in the employ of the Poisoned Shadows.

Maiko: Oni Night Haunter. Chief lieutenant of the Poisoned Shadows that often appears as a wounded merchant.

Nightshade: This adult black dragon is the mistress of the assassins known as the Poisoned Shadows.



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